Nieuwsbrief 01 – Rapport Goat to Goat project

In het projectplan “From goat to goat” is opgenomen dat de plaatselijke stichting FDEDEPO waarmee het project samen is opgezet, verantwoordelijk is voor het geven van een voortgangrapportage eens in de drie maanden. Het eerste rapport staat gepland voor eind mei. Los van de voortgangsrapportage hebben we via email contact met Oeganda en de stichting FDEDEPO. De inhoud van een onlangs gestuurde mail lijkt ons de moeite waard om door te geven.

Leo Annyas

Report about Goat to Goat Project

Thanks for your last communication which we received recently.
We have delayed to write to you because we were waiting to report to you after three months. However, we first of all wish to thank you very much for the support you gave us during your visit to Uganda.
 Let us hope that Madam Herma is fine and you enjoyed your stay with us more especially when you were at Good Samaritan.
 Warm greetings to your former School and Lejo Foundation. Send our appreciation on our behalf for the financial support they have given. We further thank you for the donation of a Laptop when you were leaving.

Back to the Goat to Goat Project, it is going on as planned. One of the local goats
 brought lastly produced twins. Her name is Jannie. It produced a female and male. The last batch you brought suffered from cough but they are treated. Now they are okay.
The goats were so squeezed and they were ever fighting each other. The person who promised us a wire mess failed until when we made our own contributions and at least bought one wire mess for a start. 
We bought it at 220,000/=3D two hundred thirty thousand only. The cheaper ones lack steel and this can affect its durability. To complete the space required we need sixteen wire mess rolls.
 And 80 concrete poles each at20,000/. In order to have security both for the goats and the school as a whole we need 15 more wire mess rolls we have already bought one. For the vegetable growing, the remaining land has to be divided into eight equal parts.
 The budget for Calliandra, Mulberry and Trichandra to be grown and dividing the land is attached. The area to be covered totals to 804 feet all around. We need 
concrete poles on which to fix the wire mess rolls the poles shall be put 10 feet apart totaling to 80 poles. We further need one trip of sand, four bags 
of cement and one trip of gravel to fix the poles.

A detailed report about the project shall be submitted at the end of May 2009 as per our agreement of submitting reports after every three months. We are in the process 
of designing the membership forms for the beneficiaries and put in place an action plan for giving out the goats to the beneficiaries. In a couple of weeks we shall go out to 
identify the beneficiaries and train them in goats management and advise them to start planting Calliandra, Mulberry and Trichandra for the goats to feed on as supplement when they receive them.
We hope this letter finds well. Greeting from project mate Musulo Fred. Looking forward to continue communicating with you.

Fred Migadde

P.S We invited the person who sold us the local goats to give us
 advice on how to improve on our demonstration farm. He suggested that the shelter be expanded in order to 
accommodate the rising number of goats that might be produced within the near time to come. Also to avoid miscarriages of some pregnancies due to over squeezed and fighting each other there is need to expand the shelter. The cost for this expansion amounts to UHS seven hundred thousand, 700,000. This includes getting one trip of sand, five bags of cement, timber, poles, nails, iron sheets , gravel and
 paying for the labour.