The hygiene project report

The above named project is a well developed approach for promoting good hygiene among the children.

The Lejofonds organisation having realised the importance of this kind of project, they introduced it to the Gods Glory nursery and primary school – Seeta nazigo.

This project is organised by the school and it is organised in such a way that the classes from P3 to P7 is involved. Sofar this project has been done in classes P3 and P4.
This project is also refferred to as Childs Hygiene And Saniattion Training (CHAST).

The approach
This hygiene project has a well designed guide that has enabled the teachers to understand well how to conduct the training among the children. The materials provided for training had an easier approach to letting the children understand the best way of promoting their own hygiene and sanitation.

Methods used
The hygiene project provided the best method of encouraging child – to – child open discussion and observation. The children were able to actively engage themself in discussing how to keep themselves in good hygiene.

Children introducing themselves
The way children introduce themselves works as a ice-breaker, in fact this sets the children free and are able to be open and enjoy the training. The idea of using the puppet for every body introduce himself or herself made the whole training interesting and child had to offer all their knowledge they know about hygiene.

The activities done during the training

1.The hand washing practice
This activity became quite new to the children, because most of them understood why they used soap to remove germs from their hands. The poster “Have you washed your hands 2day?” was a very good poster. It required an answer from the children.

2. Good and bad habits
This activity was very importaqnt because it provided the ability to the children to discuss the difference between good and bad hygienic habits. The idea of using the posters to tell and understand germs and the way they transmit germs from on place to other.

3. Toilet use excercise
The toilet use excercise was a very nice activity especially for the age group 8-11 years. The children recognised toilets as safe places for easing themselves other than using the open places like forests and bushes.
The posters that were used in toilet use exercise were very good. The children were able to realise that the best way to avoid the spread of germs was by using the toilet.

4. Tooth brushing activity
The tooth brushing exercise was quite good one. The children understood the importance of regular tooth brushing. The children too understood how long they can take while brushing their teeth. The two minute timers was quite interesting. The chiuldren had a good experience in using the timer and others had the blood coming out after taking that long while brushing. Problems
1. The toothbrush and the tooth paste were not enough to enable all the children to carry out the brushing activity.

2. The training is important and the time taken to do it is important to the children. The children expressed their need to have more time for doing such training.

3. Bleeding of the gum was another threat to the children and this meant that the children had sme dental problems. It was realised that the children expressed the need of taking home the tooth paste.

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