My Book Buddy Performamce Report

Second Term 2014

This is the second term since our school received books from My Book Buddy through the Lejofonds, a Dutch not for profit organisation. The books brought were mainly story books for classes Primary one up to Primary seven (P1-P7). In this second term a lot has been observed as our children take these books home to read every Monday evening.

The books and the bags are a source of pride to children
Monday is always an important day to the pupils studing at Gods Glory N/P/S. This is the day when the children take back the books they have been reading the whole week and they too get another different book in exchange. This is a day of real happiness for these children as they go to school in the morning and back home in the evening.

The My Book Buddy blue bag is a big sign that the child carrying it is studying at Gods Glory. These children walk with pride to show the community that they read books. Gods Glory is the only school that received books from My Book Buddy in the whole sub-county and even beyond.

General conditions of the books The general condition of the books varies from each age group. This second term has shown a remarable change in the appearance of the books. It has been realized that the books the young group of the age bracket 7 – 10 years take home to read have been dirtied to an extent that there is need to add extra cover to protect them from further damage.

It has been realized that these children read these books when their hands are dirt or wet. The home from where these come from is full of dust and mud. The books that were taken by age group 10 – 14 have been fairly kept well. This age group has taken care in handling those books well.

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